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Business Profile:

Caledonia Haulers headquarters are in Caledonia, Minnesota and have been loyal Connect users since 2003. Caledonia Haulers specializes in the transportation of food products in a bulk-liquid state. With over 200 power units and 320 trailers to maintain, Caledonia Haulers has several skilled mechanics with 175 years of combined experience and an extensive parts inventory.

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What they say about us....

"We’ve been using Connect since 2003 and we’re very happy with everything it’s helping us manage. We originally purchased it to track vehicle maintenance and repairs, preventive maintenance schedules and warranty, but found that with the mechanics time scan feature that came built in, our Connect system helped us improve our mechanics accountable time from 92% to 98%, that equals a savings of over $27,000 per year. On top of managing our own trucks the Connect system also helps us manage the retail invoicing to our service customers.

We rely on the Connect system to be there and do the job for us and it has delivered. Additionally, over the past several years I have learned to appreciate the exceptional support we get from both the PACCAR team and Perfit Computer. They have great experience and listen to the users in continually developing a better system year after year!"


- Linda Vinson, Director of Maintenance

Caledonia Haulers