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Perfit Support Changing Name

We are pleased to announce that Perfit Computer Systems Group Inc. (software provider for Connect) has been renamed to BrightOrder Inc.

The name better reflects their efforts in both the Fleet Maintenance Software world as well as expanded capabilities through the addition of services in the area of Oracle Transportation Management Consulting and Global Hosting.

 As a result, their branding and email addresses will be changing from to domain.

They will be changing the URL for their Service Desk on Tuesday, September 27, 2016, from to  If you do not have a support services log in you can also email to directly create a ticket for Connect technical issues. 


System Performance Update

from Perfit Computer System

Since migrating to our current hardware stack in July of 2015, we have experienced unprecedented growth in our customer subscriber base, and are pleased to announce that we are now in the process of migrating from what was new hardware last year to even more powerful servers and storage, to be located at a datacenter in New Jersey. 

This upgrade and relocation will provide the following benefits to our customers:

- Faster disk storage, which translates to an increase in the overall speed of the               application and more consistent speed in performance than intermittent spikes in             response times. 

- Increased processing power, leveraging the latest-generation of Intel Xeon                    processors

- Improved ability to manage network traffic between the internet and our network         infrastructure, including enhanced load-balancing and system performance monitoring

Our goal is to complete this migration by the end of October 2016.

In the interim, our Development and Hosting teams are currently engaged in an ongoing initiative to optimize system performance in our existing server environment by tuning database queries most heavily used by the application, and modifying application code to operate most efficiently.

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